Will Work for… Work! Five Best Jobs for the New College Grad

Will Work for... Work! Five Best Jobs for the New College GradIf you’re graduating from college soon, then you’re probably ready to get out in the real world and put your newly learned skills to use. Before you head out, you need to take a good look at your resume and the opportunities available. In a recovering economy, certain jobs have been replaced while others remain steadily growing. Entering the workforce for the first time outside of college can be nerve racking. Whatever your degree, employers are looking for solid workers with a commitment to teamwork. Do you have what it takes? Consider the following jobs that are perfect for new college graduates.


Every company needs a good marketing department, and no matter what your college degree, you can usually get an entry-level position in a firm’s marketing department if you’re willing to learn. Marketing comes naturally to the current generation because you’re bombarded on a daily basis by ads. Put those skills to use in this lucrative field.

Graphic Design

If you have a creative eye with a knack for technology, then consider pursuing graphic design. Many recent graduates have been pursuing this field for its perks: Graphic designers have more flexibility and get rewarded for thinking outside the box. As a new grad, you should check into graphic design as a viable option.

IT Jobs

With rapidly advancing technology and new software cropping up each year, more and more companies are hiring IT professionals as permanent members of their staff. College graduates can get in on this trend to develop their skills and market themselves in a professional capacity by performing tasks that already come naturally to them.


Sales is the tried-and-true form of entry-level employment, and you might be surprised by the form it can take. You don’t have to use cold calling or door-to-door methods anymore. With ample technology at your fingertips and a college degree under your belt, you can make retail sales jobs worth your time.

Customer Service

If you’re inclined towards helping people, then you have ample career options in the customer service industry. From call centers to company headquarters, businesses can use your love of people and desire to help. Customer service also serves as a great foot in the door for those looking to move up in a bigger business.

Social Media Guru

Do you constantly post status updates? Believe it or not, that skill might come in handy in the future business world. More and more companies now rely on social media to market their business and attract new clients. Use your social media skills to land a great new job.


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