What is the Application Process for Starting an Online Marketing Degree?

Marketing is an exciting career path that offers a wide array of job prospects – many of which pay decent wages. A marketing degree will prepare you for any number of jobs within the field, depending on your area of interest or specialized field of study. Online degree programs have widened the accessibility of higher education to those who live in rural areas or those who have jobs. An online marketing degree provides a convenient way to pursue a degree that offers exciting job prospects.

Many who are considering this field of study want to understand the application process for an online marketing program. What follows is a general synopsis of how it all works.

Have Realistic Expectations and Target Your Research

There are a ton of different colleges and universities that offer undergraduate and graduate marketing degree programs online and you cannot feasibly apply to all of them. Some of them will be inaccessible either due to admissions requirements or the cost of the program. Don’t waste time researching those. Research ones that you could feasibly meet the admissions standards for, afford and would enjoy. Try to narrow down your list of potential schools to 3-5 and research them.

Apply for Aid

Many online marketing degree programs offer some sort of financial aid. It is advised to apply for the various forms of financial aid and scholarships in advance of actually applying to the institution.

Gather Documentation

Most applications will also require supporting documentation such as transcripts, test scores, essays and even letters of recommendation. Do not put gathering these documents off, you need them in advance.

The deadline for fall admission to most degree programs is January, so you will want to keep that in mind when planning for your application. If you require letters of recommendation, you need to get this process started as soon as possible so as to not rush those who are helping you.

Fill Out Application

Finally, you are ready to fill out the application. Be sure to fully complete the application, include fees and documentation required with the application.

Once you’ve sent your application off, all you can do is wait. There is no set period of time for the admissions decision, but generally you should know if you are accepted or not within a few weeks of submitting your application. This will give you time to choose between schools if you are lucky, or to make plans for pursuing the marketing degree program at the school you’ve chosen.

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