Ways to Utilize Technology in a Classroom

Ways to Utilize Technology in a ClassroomAlthough I am not a traditional school teacher, I have worked as a vice principal and during that time, I had the opportunity to substitute teach an English class for about a month. That being said, I give props to all teachers out there because managing a classroom while trying to teach is a tricky thing to accomplish. That being said, what are some cool things you can use in your classroom? One idea is to use technology. We live in a day and age that technology is rampant and there’s so many cool things you as a teacher can do in your classroom. One such example is buying products from Pixelture. They offer something called Learn Space which I find is really cool. This technology allows you and your students to all interact wirelessly in your classroom.

The front screen that you typically use as a teacher to teach the students can be controlled by laptops, tablets, or even smart phones so all your students can contribute to the discussion electronically! Another benefit is that teachers are no longer confined to the front of the room. They can carry around their tablet or device and teach as they walk around the room so there’s more interaction from the students. Pretty cool if you ask me! I know the school I was working at was trying to integrate more technology into the classrooms. One way they were beginning to do this was buy purchasing Ipads for the history classroom.

This was great because our history teacher was able to do so much more with his tests because of the technology and I know our students loved the more interactive tests and examples they were able to learn with on the Ipads. One last example, if you are a college professor you might want to teach your students how to use LinkedIn. This is a great program that allows them to have an online resume for networking and job seeking. I know a class my husband took recently had them make profiles as an assignment and it has really helped him to network as he is graduating in a few months.

Not only is it fun to use technology in the classroom but there are many benefits of it as well. First of all, it allows students to have a more actively engaged role rather than sitting back and being more passive listeners to the lesson material. Kids these days are enthralled by technology so why not use it while you teach to get more kids interested in what you have to say. Like mentioned above, the teacher is now able to walk around the classroom and be more of a facilitator than simply lecturing at the front of the room. This allows a better connection to be made with the teacher and students. Technology can also help to increase a students self esteem which is a very positive benefit of technology in the classroom. Students who are too shy to raise their hand and speak out, can wireless add their comments to the discussion and feel like they are contributing.

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