The Media, Truly, Is The Message

satellite tvThere is another, better name for that generation born after 1945 and the end of the Second World War. They are, usually, referred to as the “Boomers”, “Baby Boomers”, that generation born to the newly returning soldiers and sailors and their families at the end of the Second World War. But those born at that time in history shared the planet with an invention that would change the world. It was totally amazing, revolutionary, culture enhancing and forever changed the world. It was Television.

A history lesson may be needed for those not from that early era. Television in the 1950s was a broadcast media much like radio. The bulky, home TV set intercepted the signals sent from powerful antennae which had to be close by in order for the signal to be received. Reception was a very sketchy thing back then. Distance, rain and clouds all had an impact on the signal strength coming into the “rabbit ears” atop the TV, which was the way your TV signal was received, and any obstruction, a hand or a tree limb, could block reception and make your TV viewing marginal.
TV was, perhaps, the greatest invention ever, but often the program could not be distinguished from the pulsating electron pattern of the TV screen, and the broadcast image was often obscured by video snow.

Back in the 1950s there were only three major players providing programming for your TV(ABCNBC, and CBS). The choices offered and the hours of broadcast weren’t the best either. Back then we were an unsophisticated culture, starved for entertainment.

For those of us of that generation TV was an important, vital part of our lives. We had movies to go to with better sound, color and images but there was something personal about our TVs. They were part of our families, always there, sometimes very good but sometimes bad.

Lets return to the present time, when we have a plethora of entertainment TV choices available. There is digital, cable, satellite, direct, Tivo, dvr. Where we once had three channels we, now, have hundreds. There are programs dedicated to strange and peculiar interests, every interest imaginable can be viewed on TV.

We do live in a global village. As denizens of this global village we should make the best use of available transmissions from various broadcast sources. Access the internet and sites similar to: http://direct-satellite-tv.com/. Become an involved, informed and entertained citizen, enjoying life in this global village.

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