The Importance of Higher Education

With the cost of tuition and the student loan debt troubles hanging over the U.S. economy, many prospective students are now thinking twice about getting the advanced education they aspire for. Students having doubts about getting a professional degree should realize that it is one of the best investments and advancements a person can do for his or her self both financially and personally.

Getting an education is one of the biggest investments in yourself that you can make. While it is true that advanced degrees are some of the largest expenses people face, statistics show that the earning potential is worth it. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) has reported that graduates with a Master’s Degree earn forty eight percent more than high school graduates. Sometimes, advanced degrees can even pay for themselves. According to the Post Secondary Education Opportunity Research Letter (PEORL), each dollar spent on a college education equates to $34.85 more in a lifetime’s income. Bright students should not have to settle for a salary that is less than deserved. Investing in an advanced degree should be approached like an actual investment. It certainly takes money and time in the beginning, but after obtaining a professional degree an excellent return on the investment is most likely to occur.

Continuing education not only brings a significant increase financially but also increases marketability to employers. The more education attained, the more value is presented to employers and the broader the career options. Because of this, those who have a Master’s Degree or higher fare better in an unstable economy. In 2010, the BLS reported that individuals with professional degrees experienced unemployment at only a rate around four percent. It is true that the job market is not doing very well right now, but it is much easier financially for those with advanced degrees than those who do lack one. Those who do not have advanced degrees stay at lower paying trajectories and have less room for growth financially and with advancement in their careers. People with advanced degrees simply have more to offer employers, and when the economy recovers they are going to continue to be in the greatest demand.

Professional degrees not only your enhance you career but your life in general as well. Not only does the college experience warrant new networking opportunities, but it promotes personal growth through friendships and by working together with others. A professionally educated person is encouraged to ask questions and explore new ideas which adds to cognitive and social growth and development. Higher education can also make a person healthier as well. For example, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported that in 2009 the population with the lowest rate of cigarette smoking was the population with the highest level of education.

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