PPC to Grow Your Business

You can build a cookie cutter out of the box website from many free platforms today in as little as a few hours. These websites are many times free and you are basically getting a boring website with no design or imagination incorporated into the structure of the site. A professional pay per click agency can give you help attracting more visitors by utilizing the right keywords that pertain to your niche.

PPC to Grow Your BusinessYou may have created a very nice website will all the latest bells and whistles that you think will get more traffic and sales on your website. The problem with many website’s is that they simply forget to tell their visitors to make that purchase. You need to make use of call to action buttons or links that will direct them to the part of your website where the transaction takes place. You should have at least two call to action links on your webpage including your email address and telephone number. This gives your website a more professional tone when the visitor can quickly identify the resources to contact you immediately.

If you are promoting a service or products on your website, you have to show the buyers exactly where the services and products are. You can create a drop down list on the homepage that clearly illustrates everything you are promoting and gives them a direct link to that particular product or service. If you can not have a list on the homepage, then simply creating a dedicated page on your website that lists all the services is just as effective. You can then simply link to that page from the homepage by way of a link that simply says products or services available.

To give the visitors a better feel for exactly who they are dealing with, it is recommended you create an about me page for the owner of the business. Give your visitors a warm feeling when they can visit a page and see the owner and read about his or her credentials in the business. Customers want to read about and identify people they are doing business with, and a simple about me page can accomplish that nicely.

You must have a testimonials page on your website if you want to increase the likelihood a buyer will open their wallet on your website. Gather some previous customers and ask them if it is fine to use their experiences as testimonials on your site. You can remove last names for sake of security, and simply post their comments and first names to be just as effective.

One other feature you better be utilizing is the power of social media on your website. Being able to like or tweet your content to millions of new faces is vital in increasing traffic to your website. Take a few minutes if you do not have accounts, and create a social presence and link to those pages from the homepage of your website. A professional pay per click agency will ensure that you get traffic to your website that are looking for your particular service, which in turns increases the likelihood they will buy.

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