Improving Time on Site and Other Key Metrics for Your Website

google-analyticsNot only is it important to have your site easy to find and have frequent visitors, you want to encourage visitors to stay on your site longer and eventually purchase from it.  Depending on the specifics of your website, you may have direct purchase opportunities or you may need customers to take further action and contact you in additional ways; either way you need to convince visitors to spend time on you website and learn more about your company.  Here are some ideas for ways to improve the time spent on your website through website promotion with orangesoda.com:

  • Begin by looking at the overall design of your website.  Color schemes, layouts, and design elements all lend to the first impression a visitor will get when they click on your web address.  A website that is too bold, to distracting, or disorganized will quickly be dismissed as visitors leave the site.  To encourage visitors to stay and discover what your site has to offer it needs to be pleasant, well organized, and have a user friendly color scheme and layout.
  • Your website must be user friendly.  If a visitor lands on your website but can’t find their way around they won’t stay long.  Make your website user friendly by having easy to negotiate tabs and options.  The clearer, easy to navigate, and understand your website is the more likely visitors will stay and look at different sections or information tabs.
  • Keep your website is kept up to date and has a fresh and appealing look each time there is a visitor.  Delete outdated specials, posts, or obsolete information and replace it frequently with ne specials, deals, or relevant information.  In addition it is important to check frequently any links to and from your page to make sure they are working.  Nothing is more frustrating to a computer user than to click on a website and get an error.  You want visitors to your website to find everything they are looking for easily.
  • Add additional elements to your website that will draw the attention of visitors and keep them on your website longer.  Some of these elements include photo galleries, videos, and even blogs or forums.  You can use galleries to showcase products or services, add how-to or informational videos, and include information blogs and forums that capture an audience’s attention through personal insights and added detail.

When creating your website you want to make sure that it offers the best and most valuable information.  Adding every component to your website will still prove fruitless if the information customers come there looking for is lacking.  Use quality information to make your website valuable.  In addition consider letting others share your website and information through social media outlets to allow for reaching a larger audience as well.

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