How to Make Your Business’s Website More Visually Appealing

It’s extremely important for your business’s website to look good – a badly designed website could be costing you customers and money. Once a visitor hits the homepage of your site, it takes them less than 1 second to decide if they like the design – and if they don’t, you risk the chance of them leaving for a competitor’s website. When a visitor leaves your website for a different one, you are pretty much handing your competition money that could be in your pocket.

Logo & Branding

Make sure your business’s logo is clear and visually appealing. A strong company branding makes it easier for a visitor to trust your company once they hit a page of your website. If your logo doesn’t make sense or it’s hard to read, or if it’s just not visually appealing, you may want to check into getting your logo redesigned. Many times a logo is the first thing the person sees when looking at your website.

Do Your Colors Clash?

If the text on your website is hard to read, don’t be surprised if your visitors leave to find a site that is easier on the eyes. Don’t use extremely bright colors for backgrounds – and make sure your text is legible for a person of any age that may be visiting your site.

Use a Horizontal Navigation

It’s highly recommended to use a horizontal navigation somewhere near the top of your design. A vertical navigation down the left side of the page is now considered outdated by many professional web designers. A navigational menu near the top also makes it easy for site visitors to navigate around your site – keep in mind that visitors should always be just a few clicks from finding what they need to find.

High Quality Photos

It’s important to use high quality photographs on your website – whether it be promotional or product images. If you sell products on your site, don’t just take pictures of your inventory with your cellphone and upload it. Many professional web developers highly recommend hiring a professional photographer to take pictures for your website. This is especially important for real estate agents, restaurants, car dealerships, jewelry stores, and any other store that sells physical items.

Optimize Your Load Times

A website that takes longer than a few seconds to load is a website that won’t make many sells or generate leads. Internet users do not like waiting for pages to load, and any page loading longer than 4 seconds may cause the visitor to exit your website. Check how large your image files are as well to make sure they aren’t huge – your visitors shouldn’t be download 1 MB image files on every page of your site. Check into browser and database caching if your website is really performing slow – although it’s recommended to code your site to load quickly in the first place so you can have the best website promotion.

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