Exciting Career as a Marine Biologist

marine_biologistsA marine biologist studies aquatic organisms in the oceans, lakes and wetlands of the world. Marine biologists study every form of life that exists in the water. They investigate everything from the largest of sea creatures such as wales, all the way down to the smallest microscopic plankton. In order to get their jobs done, marine biologists use a variety of specialized scientific equipment. They will travel in specialized research vessels equipped with devices such as sonar to help them track their research targets. A marine biologist will even use scuba gear to go underwater in order to examine and collect sample organisms.

Becoming a marine biologist is not easy. It takes a combination of education and experience to get a job as a marine biologist. The key to getting an entry level job in the field of marine biology is getting a solid education in the marine science. Fortunately, you can go to a college that offers a Bachelor of Science degree with a major in marine biology.

Marine biologists work for a wide variety of institutions. Many marine biologists work for government agencies such as a state or federal wildlife or fish and game service. Other marine biologists work for educational institutions or private entities. Often, marine biologists working for private companies are hired to do consulting work. Many other marine biologists receive research grants to support their studies. No matter who they work for, marine biologists enjoy exiting careers with great pay and benefits.

Marine Biologist Colleges

Unity College is an outstanding educational facility that offers training to students who want to enter the exiting field of marine biology. Unity College, which is located in Unity, Maine, offers students comprehensive training that includes both class room education and practical field work. Students at Unity begin their education by gaining a solid foundation of basic scientific procedures and methodologies. Students are taught proper research methods as well as how to compile data and use statistical analysis to explain their findings.

Unity College understands the importance of allowing their students to gain practical hands-on experience. Students at Unity College go out into the field several times a year to do actual work in the field of marine biology. This field experience gives Unity students an edge over other candidates when competing for jobs and internships. Upon completing the course requirements, students are awarded a Bachelor of Science Degree with a major in marine biology.

There is nothing stopping you from pursuing your dream job as a marine biologist. But, you need to put forth the effort necessary to get the required education and experience. Don’t wait. Get started now. Marine biologist colleges such as Unity are there to help you every step of the way. Contact Unity College now for more information.


Five Trade Secrets That Your Career Counselor Doesn’t Know About

Five Trade Secrets That Your Career Counselor Doesn't Know AboutFinding the right job after college can be a challenge. You need advantage you can get in today’s competitive job market where employers can choose from thousands of hopeful applicants. Your career counselor can help you with advice, but they can’t do the work for you to land the job. Make yourself a top contender by following these five secrets that your career counselor may not tell you.

Be Diligent in Your Search

Looking for a job is your job until you’re employed. It’s a full-time effort that will take dedication and diligence on your part. Sending out resumes, making phone calls, and pounding the pavement isn’t really fun, but it’s necessary. Take time each day to check available jobs in local papers and online job sites. Set a realistic number of contacts every day and followup on it. Although the tasks are tedious, the end result can be the job of your dreams.

Be Prepared for an Interview

If you’re diligently looking for a job, don’t be surprised if an employer responds. Make yourself easy to reach by phone or email and respond promptly. An interested employer may want to see you right away to fill the position as soon as possible. Make yourself available for the interview when the employer is available. That could be within a day or two so be prepared to act quickly, and realize that it is worth it to re-arrange your schedule or postpone other activities if it means that you could potentially get a great job.

Be Professional

From the initial phone call or email through the interview, maintain a professional approach to the job. Remember, the employer is probably interviewing multiple candidates for the position, not just you. Be professional, positive and assertive during the interview. Express why you want the job and what you can offer the company in return. Be professional in appearance. If that means a haircut and new clothes, get it done. This is a good rule of thumb no matter what industry you are applying for. According to students who received an OU Masters of Civil Engineering, they were under dressed for their interviews after graduation, because people who work engineering jobs don’t typically wear suits and ties. The company you’re interviewing with may dress casually, but it’s always safest to dress professionally for an interview.

Follow Up

After each interview, follow up with a thank you note to the employer. Thank them for taking the time to see you. Let them know that you are excited about the position and hope to hear from them. Your followup lets the employer know that you’re polite, professional and prepared. If they’re interested, there could be a second or third interview. Stay positive and follow up after each interview expressing your excitement in the job.

Set Realistic Goals

Only you know what you want and need to be happy. Set realistic and attainable goals for yourself Know your budget, living expenses and financial needs. Be realistic with your salary requirements, benefits and work goals. Chances are that your first job won’t be your last, but it can be an important stepping stone in your career path. If you truly want to excel in your field, be willing to start at the bottom and work your way up, while learning from those more experienced than you. Your humility and diligence will pay off in the end, and if you are willing to do the “dirty work,” you will likely excel much more quickly than others.

As mentioned before, your career counselor can give you all the advice in the world, but they won’t be there during your interviews, or your first day on the job. It’s up to you to know what to expect in the real world, as well as to know what is expected of you. Your counselor can get you to the door, but it’s up to you to get through the door.


Best Friends Going Back to School

My husband and I just moved near his Naval Base and I quickly found a new best friend. Jillian and I have a great deal in common, we both have two small children, our husbands are “life-time” Naval Officers, and we never finished college. Jillian told me that she wanted to take an Online college program, it would take only a year or less to graduate from the Career Steps Medical Coding and Billing Program. Big surprise, that’s exactly what I wanted to do because then I could work from home. We decided to help each other with our kids and study together to keep each other motivated. When we visited Career Steps website we found out that we qualified for a 4,000 dollar scholarship with my MyCAA program.


Great Animal Loving Careers

Animal Loving CareersAnimal lovers have been pursuing careers as veterinarians, zoo keepers, and the like for years. Unfortunately, with the increase of tuition costs and the decrease of job availability, fewer and fewer people are able to participate in these dream careers. Luckily, Equine Colleges CO has a number of great campus and online education programs are set up to help people find the education that they are looking for without having to uproot their lives or bury them in debt. With a number of degree and certification programs, it is not difficult to find a way to attend one of the colleges in your area that can equip you with the knowledge and experience that you need to succeed in your chosen field. Not only are these students able to get their degree by studying and participating in class discussions online and on campus, but they are given the opportunity to build their own graduation plans, work with real professionals, and observe live animals. By planning and implementing their own graduation plans, these students can feel comfortable knowing that they are on track to graduate in their own time and they can focus their energy on getting the degree that they have wanted for so long.

Some people might argue that taking classes isn’t necessary and that going back to school is a waste of money. This is simply not true. Going back to school opens up opportunities for people to expand their career goals far beyond what you can normally achieve without a degree of some kind from an institution of higher learning. Animal lovers are especially susceptible to this idea that education can afford them nothing because it would seem that a career in animal care is no more fruitful than owning a few pets and taking care of them. Having pets and working with animals as a career are completely different facets of animal care. A career in zoology, for example, would expose you to the life and mating cycles of such animals as lions, bears, fish, snakes, and all sorts of other wild animals that you would never have the opportunity to encounter as a mere pet owner. Getting an education makes a large difference on this front.

For those who struggle making time in their schedule to head to campus, online classes are a great alternative to taking on a full time course load at your local community college. You can spread your classwork out however much you need to. Additionally, you can organize your classes around your work and home schedules. You don’t have to worry about the two conflicting when you are able to plan your study time and class time so far in advance.


C# Interview Questions: What To Expect At Your Job Interview

job interviewRandstad’s c# interview questions provide a very insightful glimpse into just what a candidate in this line of work can expect when applying for a new position. C# (pronounced “see sharp”) is a type of programming language that is used in coding and that requires a special skillset. Competition for this line of work can be quite fierce, especially given the relatively low number of openings for C# programmers in the UK. There’s nothing worse than suffering a curveball when going in for a job interview. To avoid that, you have to know what to expect at your job interview.

Technical Questions to Expect

There are a number of technical questions to expect, of course, at an interview for a job of this calibre. Some interviewers will ask things that you just have to know, which don’t tolerate a lot of nuance. For instance, you’ll be asked to explain what a singleton is and also what the exact purposes of encapsulation and a destructor are. Other times, you will be asked to explain why one thing is better than another in this field. For example, you could be asked to explain what type of benefits C# has over either Java or C++. These highly technical questions are meant to gauge your knowledge and expertise. To field these questions properly, you have to be well-prepared.

Personal Questions to Expect

Your prospective employer at a C# interview will also want to know about you as the person, of course, so you should also practice coming across like a personable human being. A question to expect could be about how you keep up with any of the newest trends in the programming industry. This is a vital question, so it is best to answer directly. Sometimes, you may be taken aback by a question like what kind of salary you feel is suitable for a person working in this position. You don’t want to come across as too greedy, but you obviously don’t want to undersell yourself either! Preparing your answers and researching common salaries in this field can help you to prepare for this question.

Career-Related Questions to Expect

You should also expect to field some career-related questions. These are distinct from the technical questions that you have to answer. You could and should expect a question like where you see yourself two or three years down the road. You should answer this matter-of-factly. Another question related to your career that you should expect is to describe your greatest achievements in your career up to this point. You ought to strike a fair balance between answering modestly and putting your best foot forward.

These are the types of questions that you should expect at your C# job interview. Randstad’s c# interview questions have provided a very useful look at what it takes to prepare yourself for a job interview of this nature. Programmers have to remember that the job interview will not only revolve around purely technical questions. Employers also want to know what kind of a person they are going to hire. That’s why being personable counts so highly in these interviews, too.


Will Work for… Work! Five Best Jobs for the New College Grad

Will Work for... Work! Five Best Jobs for the New College GradIf you’re graduating from college soon, then you’re probably ready to get out in the real world and put your newly learned skills to use. Before you head out, you need to take a good look at your resume and the opportunities available. In a recovering economy, certain jobs have been replaced while others remain steadily growing. Entering the workforce for the first time outside of college can be nerve racking. Whatever your degree, employers are looking for solid workers with a commitment to teamwork. Do you have what it takes? Consider the following jobs that are perfect for new college graduates.


Every company needs a good marketing department, and no matter what your college degree, you can usually get an entry-level position in a firm’s marketing department if you’re willing to learn. Marketing comes naturally to the current generation because you’re bombarded on a daily basis by ads. Put those skills to use in this lucrative field.

Graphic Design

If you have a creative eye with a knack for technology, then consider pursuing graphic design. Many recent graduates have been pursuing this field for its perks: Graphic designers have more flexibility and get rewarded for thinking outside the box. As a new grad, you should check into graphic design as a viable option.

IT Jobs

With rapidly advancing technology and new software cropping up each year, more and more companies are hiring IT professionals as permanent members of their staff. College graduates can get in on this trend to develop their skills and market themselves in a professional capacity by performing tasks that already come naturally to them.


Sales is the tried-and-true form of entry-level employment, and you might be surprised by the form it can take. You don’t have to use cold calling or door-to-door methods anymore. With ample technology at your fingertips and a college degree under your belt, you can make retail sales jobs worth your time.

Customer Service

If you’re inclined towards helping people, then you have ample career options in the customer service industry. From call centers to company headquarters, businesses can use your love of people and desire to help. Customer service also serves as a great foot in the door for those looking to move up in a bigger business.

Social Media Guru

Do you constantly post status updates? Believe it or not, that skill might come in handy in the future business world. More and more companies now rely on social media to market their business and attract new clients. Use your social media skills to land a great new job.


Gaining Traffic to Your Website

So you have built your website or you had someone build it for you. Now the task is deciding how you are going to get visitors to your website. You could send out an announcement to all of your email contacts. Or, you can tell everybody through word of mouth. Oh wait, you can post your website link on your social page, and tweet it to all your followers.


These are all good methods of gaining traffic to you website, but they are not effective. In order to get effective traffic to your website, you need an Authorized Partner. An Authorized Partner in the subject of website traffic is a company who is experienced and has extensive knowledge on how to get visitors to your website. They also can provide more traffic to your site for less money. They can do this because they operate and function in volumes. Let’s say you have 100 followers on your social page. Even if all one hundred of them told at least one other person to visit your website, you will only have a total of 200 visitors. The worse is yet to come because they all probably will not visit it on the same day.

Authorized Partners can send many visitors to your website daily. It just depends on your budget, and how much you can spend. They offer website traffic packages, and you simply select the one that is best for you. That could be sending 500 visitors to you site daily, or sending 50,000 visitors to your site daily. They can also evaluate your website’s performance. This type evaluation allows them to be able to detect which parts or sections of your website are successful and which sections are not performing.

Your partner will give you customized service and design an advertising campaign that will deliver optimum results for you. It is important to establish a good relationship with this partner. If you have a good business relationship with the company, they will give you VIP perks such as notifying you when they have a special sale. They may even give you “pick of the litter” traffic, or throw in an extra 5000 or so, just because you are a good customer.

It is also important to have a lasting partnership. This is important because when traffic is first generated to your site, the results may not be as good as you may have expected. We all have a tendency to expect a lot in short periods of time. Those days are gone because there are so many more people on the world wide web. Yes, it’s true that if you had a website 20 years ago, traffic would boom to your site. Well, that was because there was not a trillion million websites existing at that time. This is why you have to be patient with your partner. Remember, the goal is all about gaining traffic to your website. So if you are patient, the two of you will be able to talk it through, try different techniques and achieve maximum results.



Is Nursing Right for you?

nursing jobs, rn to msn program,

Are you having trouble deciding what your next career move should be? Have you considered nursing? Nursing is one of the most in-demand jobs in the world.

If you like meeting new people, helping others feel comfortable, and enjoy hands-on work then nursing may be right for you. A registered nurse, RN, does many things for the patient. They explain medical conditions to patients, act as a first repsonse for many patients, start and stop IV fluid and medication, help perform diagnostic tests, operate medical machinery, and have a vast knowledge about the human body and the many conditions and ailments that can come along with it.

If any of the above items sound of interest to you then nursing just may be right for you. There’s one more thing. Nurses have great, healthy salaries. The average salary of a nurse starting out is near $57,000, which isn’t bad coming straight out of college.

Find out more about RN to MSN programs. There are many online programs available that are flexible for many schedules and individuals who work. Check them out and get started on your new career today!


What is the Application Process for Starting an Online Marketing Degree?

Marketing is an exciting career path that offers a wide array of job prospects – many of which pay decent wages. A marketing degree will prepare you for any number of jobs within the field, depending on your area of interest or specialized field of study. Online degree programs have widened the accessibility of higher education to those who live in rural areas or those who have jobs. An online marketing degree provides a convenient way to pursue a degree that offers exciting job prospects.

Many who are considering this field of study want to understand the application process for an online marketing program. What follows is a general synopsis of how it all works.

Have Realistic Expectations and Target Your Research

There are a ton of different colleges and universities that offer undergraduate and graduate marketing degree programs online and you cannot feasibly apply to all of them. Some of them will be inaccessible either due to admissions requirements or the cost of the program. Don’t waste time researching those. Research ones that you could feasibly meet the admissions standards for, afford and would enjoy. Try to narrow down your list of potential schools to 3-5 and research them.

Apply for Aid

Many online marketing degree programs offer some sort of financial aid. It is advised to apply for the various forms of financial aid and scholarships in advance of actually applying to the institution.

Gather Documentation

Most applications will also require supporting documentation such as transcripts, test scores, essays and even letters of recommendation. Do not put gathering these documents off, you need them in advance.

The deadline for fall admission to most degree programs is January, so you will want to keep that in mind when planning for your application. If you require letters of recommendation, you need to get this process started as soon as possible so as to not rush those who are helping you.

Fill Out Application

Finally, you are ready to fill out the application. Be sure to fully complete the application, include fees and documentation required with the application.

Once you’ve sent your application off, all you can do is wait. There is no set period of time for the admissions decision, but generally you should know if you are accepted or not within a few weeks of submitting your application. This will give you time to choose between schools if you are lucky, or to make plans for pursuing the marketing degree program at the school you’ve chosen.

Author Bio

Susan got her online mba marketing degree last year.  When she is not working or blogging about her love for marketing, she enjoys spending time with her two Golden Retrievers and her husband.


The Importance of Higher Education

With the cost of tuition and the student loan debt troubles hanging over the U.S. economy, many prospective students are now thinking twice about getting the advanced education they aspire for. Students having doubts about getting a professional degree should realize that it is one of the best investments and advancements a person can do for his or her self both financially and personally.

Getting an education is one of the biggest investments in yourself that you can make. While it is true that advanced degrees are some of the largest expenses people face, statistics show that the earning potential is worth it. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) has reported that graduates with a Master’s Degree earn forty eight percent more than high school graduates. Sometimes, advanced degrees can even pay for themselves. According to the Post Secondary Education Opportunity Research Letter (PEORL), each dollar spent on a college education equates to $34.85 more in a lifetime’s income. Bright students should not have to settle for a salary that is less than deserved. Investing in an advanced degree should be approached like an actual investment. It certainly takes money and time in the beginning, but after obtaining a professional degree an excellent return on the investment is most likely to occur.

Continuing education not only brings a significant increase financially but also increases marketability to employers. The more education attained, the more value is presented to employers and the broader the career options. Because of this, those who have a Master’s Degree or higher fare better in an unstable economy. In 2010, the BLS reported that individuals with professional degrees experienced unemployment at only a rate around four percent. It is true that the job market is not doing very well right now, but it is much easier financially for those with advanced degrees than those who do lack one. Those who do not have advanced degrees stay at lower paying trajectories and have less room for growth financially and with advancement in their careers. People with advanced degrees simply have more to offer employers, and when the economy recovers they are going to continue to be in the greatest demand.

Professional degrees not only your enhance you career but your life in general as well. Not only does the college experience warrant new networking opportunities, but it promotes personal growth through friendships and by working together with others. A professionally educated person is encouraged to ask questions and explore new ideas which adds to cognitive and social growth and development. Higher education can also make a person healthier as well. For example, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported that in 2009 the population with the lowest rate of cigarette smoking was the population with the highest level of education.

Author Bio:

Dixie Somers is a popular blogger who enjoys writing and reading classic pieces of literature. She is currently promoting rn to msn online programs for the University of San Francisco.