Advantages of Attending a Cosmetology or Barber School

beauty-schoolsYou want to go back to school and are seeking a career where the training is short and the return on your education investment is high. If you like helping others look and feel their very best, you may wish to register at a local cosmetology or barber school. There are so many advantages to pursuing this type of esthetics school profession. These benefits include:

Schedule Flexibility
Working in the beauty and hair business is not always a regular nine to five job. You have the option to work nights and weekends or a combination of days and nights if so desired. This works well for those who may still wish to gain more education or those who desire to be home with their small children during the day.

Management Opportunities
After working in this type of business for a few years, there may be management opportunities that present themselves. If you know you eventually want to be a manager in this field, begin watching, observing, and learning everything you can immediately after finding your first position in cosmetology or in cutting hair. Even taking supervisory or management training when you are not at work will go far in helping you secure a position such as this. The more knowledge you have, the better you will be able to step up when the opportunities arise.

Job Availability
The future outlook for jobs in these professions is very strong. Hair will always need to be cut and the ages of individuals seeking beauty treatments of all types are getting younger and younger, giving professionals an increase in their client bases.

Variety of Positions Available
And you don’t just have to stand behind a chair all day. Cosmetologists can work a variety of positions. Make-up artists are always in demand for style shows or in television and film. Funeral homes are always in need of both cosmetologists and hair stylists. You can even use your hair cutting skills working for the military.

If you want to be your own boss, this is one of the easiest fields in which to do so. A freelance make-up artist who establishes herself can quickly build up her own client list. Brides, teens attending prom, fifteenth and sixteenth birthday party guests of honor, and many more individuals seek quality professionals who can make them look their absolute best. Hair technicians can rent a booth in an establishment and run their own business from this small space.

These are just a few of the many reasons that attending this type of school may be the very best thing for your future growth and personal fulfillment. Look into these types of careers today to decide which route will work best for you and your future.


Beginning a Career in Cosmetology

cosmeIf one has an interest in cosmetology, The Ron King Academy, located in Austin, Texas is a well-established school that offers expert guidance. The mission of the academy is to focus on the transformation of the individual. The first-class education in cosmetology. barbering and esthetics is the beginning. The institute is highly committed to the success of each pupil. The academy serves others by growing locally in order to strive for global growth. This growth will also give way to the production of schools in developing countries and empower people as well as give them hope.

The Ron King Academy feel as though the beauty industry is a two-sided endeavor. The merging of creativity with the artistry of one’s unique style allow pupils to develop their own sense of style. The professionals help nurture the students with professional products, while assisting them in mastering the latest techniques. The pupils at this institute also have the prestigious opportunity to learn business skills that will come in handy for them to succeed in owning and operating their own salons.

Students enrolled in the cosmetology program the academy will master the following skills: hair styling, cutting hair, perming hair, coloring techniques, facials and skincare, artificial nail techniques, manicures and pedicures, make-up applications, hair removal, eyelash extensions and updo’s. The students, upon completion of the program have the knowledge to succeed as well as connections in the industry, which is valuable for building lasting work relationships.

Individuals enrolled in the barber program learn the following skills: cuts with shears and razors for men, women and children, shaving, facials and skin care, design and styling, perms and straightening, state required procedures such as sanitation, coloring, professional and business skills and clipper cutting. Barber students are also equipped with knowledge for success and connections.

The esthetics program prepares students to learn all aspects of skin care. The courses teach students classic methods, groundbreaking technology, innovative techniques, as well as business skills. Each program available to the students has an honors program available for those students that aim higher than the average student will perform.

Ron King himself has an insatiable passion for beauty. He is a celebrity stylist, beauty entrepreneur, philanthropist and beauty and fashion personality. He has a non-profit organization designed to send hand-selected pupils to cosmetology school with a full scholarship paid for by the organization. The candidates exhibit the same drive and determination that Ron himself has.


How to Become a Wildlife Biologist

How to Become a Wildlife BiologistOne of the best ways to become a Wildlife Biologist is to determine the needs of a particular area.

To be on the forefront of wildlife biology, you must possess a diverse background as a wildlife biologist. So, look carefully at the places that offer a different curriculum that you would prefer.

There are almost twenty Universities and Colleges around the country that have wildlife study and biology for science majors. The department of conservation does research on wildlife and development or management; and this looks like it will be an ongoing interest by the government.

Many Agricultural and Mechanical schools offer just the right education for people interested in learning about the earth and the ecology that it has. Some of these include environmental classes, and even have a focus on natural chemistry or physics, thus like other sciences, math is important.

There is a certain amount of competitiveness in the field because there is a lot of interest. So, many prospective employers will prefer and demand an advanced degree.

It could be that you focus on the Ocean Sciences, or some particular ambient environment such as maintenance of the prairies or semiarid portions of the country. Many graduate seminars are taken in the field, because in order to study the locale, you must be on-site.

Many wildlife biologists focus on animal physiology and behavior in order to help maintain the balance necessary for any particular region, including plant life as well. Sometimes the focus would be on micro-organisms and how they bear on the ecological community of animals.

Diseases can be a major problem for social animals like deer and some kinds of birds, or other mammals. And after all the diseases that affect large migrating animals also can create problems for humans.

The study can be stringent and demanding and the work will take lots of dedication to the outdoors, and the land. You will likewise have to associate with land owners, and their cooperation is a must.

But mostly they are quite pleased when the government wants to improve their conditions for better earnings, whether as a farmer or rancher. The land is their livelihood, and help in proper management can mean an increase in income and the quality of the product produced, whether animal or plant such as crops.

When land management is observed, it can also increase the value of the land as well as the earnings. So a strong working relationship with the naturalists can be significant to the owner as well as the biologist who cares about his work and his local area management.

After all it can affect townspeople’s water due to effluence and water runoffs from fertilizers to excrement. The new earth demands a new approach that is also a social one.

Therefore the wildlife biologist has to consider not only the ecosystem he studies, but how wildlife affects the ‘not so wild’ life. Because when suburbia encroaches upon wildlife habitats, it affects the animals as well.

Their welfare is important if we want to protect our wildlife heritage and how it affects the nation as a whole. If species become more limited, diseases have less problems to flourish because the varieties are fewer and fewer that attack the animals that maintain the balance of our earth.

What is good for wildlife is also good for the rest of us. So sportsmen need help in maintaining good hunting and fishing conditions for the rest of us. If you do the proper preparation in your education you can contribute to the well-being of everyone and find it easier to become a Wildlife Biologist.



Five Trade Secrets That Your Career Counselor Doesn’t Know About

Five Trade Secrets That Your Career Counselor Doesn't Know AboutFinding the right job after college can be a challenge. You need advantage you can get in today’s competitive job market where employers can choose from thousands of hopeful applicants. Your career counselor can help you with advice, but they can’t do the work for you to land the job. Make yourself a top contender by following these five secrets that your career counselor may not tell you.

Be Diligent in Your Search

Looking for a job is your job until you’re employed. It’s a full-time effort that will take dedication and diligence on your part. Sending out resumes, making phone calls, and pounding the pavement isn’t really fun, but it’s necessary. Take time each day to check available jobs in local papers and online job sites. Set a realistic number of contacts every day and followup on it. Although the tasks are tedious, the end result can be the job of your dreams.

Be Prepared for an Interview

If you’re diligently looking for a job, don’t be surprised if an employer responds. Make yourself easy to reach by phone or email and respond promptly. An interested employer may want to see you right away to fill the position as soon as possible. Make yourself available for the interview when the employer is available. That could be within a day or two so be prepared to act quickly, and realize that it is worth it to re-arrange your schedule or postpone other activities if it means that you could potentially get a great job.

Be Professional

From the initial phone call or email through the interview, maintain a professional approach to the job. Remember, the employer is probably interviewing multiple candidates for the position, not just you. Be professional, positive and assertive during the interview. Express why you want the job and what you can offer the company in return. Be professional in appearance. If that means a haircut and new clothes, get it done. This is a good rule of thumb no matter what industry you are applying for. According to students who received an OU Masters of Civil Engineering, they were under dressed for their interviews after graduation, because people who work engineering jobs don’t typically wear suits and ties. The company you’re interviewing with may dress casually, but it’s always safest to dress professionally for an interview.

Follow Up

After each interview, follow up with a thank you note to the employer. Thank them for taking the time to see you. Let them know that you are excited about the position and hope to hear from them. Your followup lets the employer know that you’re polite, professional and prepared. If they’re interested, there could be a second or third interview. Stay positive and follow up after each interview expressing your excitement in the job.

Set Realistic Goals

Only you know what you want and need to be happy. Set realistic and attainable goals for yourself Know your budget, living expenses and financial needs. Be realistic with your salary requirements, benefits and work goals. Chances are that your first job won’t be your last, but it can be an important stepping stone in your career path. If you truly want to excel in your field, be willing to start at the bottom and work your way up, while learning from those more experienced than you. Your humility and diligence will pay off in the end, and if you are willing to do the “dirty work,” you will likely excel much more quickly than others.

As mentioned before, your career counselor can give you all the advice in the world, but they won’t be there during your interviews, or your first day on the job. It’s up to you to know what to expect in the real world, as well as to know what is expected of you. Your counselor can get you to the door, but it’s up to you to get through the door.


Funding in the Classroom: Get Your Students What They Need to Succeed

Funding in the Classroom Get Your Students What They Need to Succeed picOne of the best ways for students to learn is through classroom projects. For some teachers, finding the funds to carry out the projects is simple. Yet for others, the funds can seem impossible to come up with. Fortunately, a great way to secure the funds is through donors. So, how do teachers go about securing donors? Let’s take a closer look at some helpful tips.


Post the Project Online

One of the best ways to secure donors is to promote a project online. From parent donors to anonymous givers, there are many people online that are willing to provide the funds a teacher needs to carry out his or her classroom projects. When posting projects online, it is best to do so across a wide range of social media platforms as well as on donor websites.


Provide Detail

When giving funds, donors want to know exactly what their money will be going towards. To give them a full description, a teacher needs to provide a lot of detail when posting a donation request. From telling donors how their funds will go towards high school microscopes to paying for gas to transport students to a nearby museum, it’s important that donors are well aware that their money be well-spent.



The best way to start off a donation project is for the teacher to donate at least $5. This is important because it shows that the teacher believes in the project so much that he or she is willing to put forth funds too.


Ask for $400 or Less

When it comes to donation success, projects tend to get funded if they are $400 or less. Fortunately, there are many classroom projects that can be carried out for under this amount. If your project requires more that this amount, try to break it down into smaller phases under the $400 level.


Advertise on Social Networks

The ultimate social media platform to promote and advertise a classroom project on is Facebook. With over one billion users, there are many people on this site who are willing to donate. You can also ask your students and parents to promote the project on their time-lines as well to increase your reach. It’s also wise to use as many additional social media platforms as you can. This will also increase your exposure and as these platforms are free, there’s really no downside to taking advantage of them.


Promote the Project

Other great ways to secure funds are through other types of promotion. Effective promotional techniques include:


- Word-of-mouth

- Newspaper ads

- Radio ads


It is of the utmost importance that students get the most out of their school experiences. To do this, teachers need to carry out a wide range of classroom projects. During this process, it’s helpful to keep in mind the above mentioned funding tips.


What To Use To Build Your App

What To Use To Build Your AppThere are a whole host of different companies out there that are starting to discover how simple it can be to develop a new application. Since there are many more mobile users these days, there has been a corresponding increase in demand. Some people will naturally be interested in seeing whether they can get linked up with a new development tool. This could be helpful to individuals customizing their own apps, or even corporations that want to create their own tools going forward. Some people will naturally be interested in checking out some of the options people have when it comes time to use mobile app development tools. When they do some preliminary research, they will get everything they need going forward.

First, app developers should look for one of the many different app tools that are available for free online. They can frequently be downloaded as open source programs, which can be used by just about anyone. These programs can just be downloaded straight in to a PC, which may prove to be very useful. Designers should think about getting a few basic programs, which may include Adobe Air and Ubuntu Touch. These platforms are gaining in popularity, which will help developers create apps that everyone will tend to enjoy over time. This is one of the best options that people have found when it comes time to getting different apps put in to place.

When searching for the right mobile app development tool, there are a few other features that users should keep in mind. Since they run through PCs, developers should note some of the differences that might occur for mobile users. There are actually programs that can simulate how these apps can function when it comes time to get them out to the mobile market. This can anticipate and even prevent a number of different challenges that users would otherwise be facing. Because of these issues, many people will want to locate mobile app tools that have also developed a successful reputation among developers. There are actually review sites that can provide insight in to tools like Python and the MIT App Inventor.

Ultimately, developers may need to experiment with some of these different programs to find the right tool for their needs. They should review some of their options when it comes time to get an application out to market. Some of these app tools will even allow developers to create a demo version of their program. This may be useful when they are still in the planning stage and may need to secure different sources of funding for their projects. They can just create a demo app for free using these tools and send them out to prospective investors.


Online vs. On Campus: 5 Steps to Deciding Which Grad School Option is Right for You

College campusTechnology today has made distance learning possible through online colleges. Students now have a choice between attending graduate classes on a traditional campus and using the Internet to earn a degree online. Many online colleges are now available throughout the country. Students should consider several factors when deciding between campus-based or online graduate schools.



The first consideration should be location. It can become very difficult to attend regular classes if the nearest college campus is hours away. Delays on the roads could result in missed tests or classes. Online graduate schools can be accessed directly from the home or from any location with a computer and Internet connection. Online colleges are a good choice for anyone who cannot easily get to a physical campus.


Availability of Classes

It is important to look at whether the specific graduate courses are available through local college campuses. A number of schools have limited graduate programs. This can make it difficult to get degrees in highly specialized or technical fields. The selection of online degrees is much broader. Additionally, most online schools are accessible to students from any state allowing for more choice when it comes to graduate studies.



Scheduling should be a major consideration when choosing between online or campus-based graduate schools. Courses on a campus are given at specific times. This can make it hard to attend graduate courses while working or dealing with other personal responsibilities. Online courses can often be completed whenever it is convenient. This makes it possible to get an MS electrical engineering degree online while working or gaining real-world experience within the industry. Online colleges provide flexibility that campus-based programs cannot.


Independent Learning

Graduate students who enjoy independent study and learning might want to consider online colleges. Not all people learn well in a classroom full of people. A few students could interrupt classes or make learning difficult. Online graduate courses allow for independent study in a controlled environment.


Individual Attention

One final thing to consider before making a decision is the need for individual attention. It is sometimes not possible to get individual attention from instructors in large classroom settings. Online programs often provide each student with individual attention from a professor who can answer questions and make understanding complex concepts easier.


It is important to look at every aspect of a college before deciding on a specific graduate school. This should include the cost of the courses. Online graduate schools are becoming very popular because overhead costs are lower. This can ultimately make earning a graduate degree online less expensive.


Best Friends Going Back to School

My husband and I just moved near his Naval Base and I quickly found a new best friend. Jillian and I have a great deal in common, we both have two small children, our husbands are “life-time” Naval Officers, and we never finished college. Jillian told me that she wanted to take an Online college program, it would take only a year or less to graduate from the Career Steps Medical Coding and Billing Program. Big surprise, that’s exactly what I wanted to do because then I could work from home. We decided to help each other with our kids and study together to keep each other motivated. When we visited Career Steps website we found out that we qualified for a 4,000 dollar scholarship with my MyCAA program.


Ways to Utilize Technology in a Classroom

Ways to Utilize Technology in a ClassroomAlthough I am not a traditional school teacher, I have worked as a vice principal and during that time, I had the opportunity to substitute teach an English class for about a month. That being said, I give props to all teachers out there because managing a classroom while trying to teach is a tricky thing to accomplish. That being said, what are some cool things you can use in your classroom? One idea is to use technology. We live in a day and age that technology is rampant and there’s so many cool things you as a teacher can do in your classroom. One such example is buying products from Pixelture. They offer something called Learn Space which I find is really cool. This technology allows you and your students to all interact wirelessly in your classroom.

The front screen that you typically use as a teacher to teach the students can be controlled by laptops, tablets, or even smart phones so all your students can contribute to the discussion electronically! Another benefit is that teachers are no longer confined to the front of the room. They can carry around their tablet or device and teach as they walk around the room so there’s more interaction from the students. Pretty cool if you ask me! I know the school I was working at was trying to integrate more technology into the classrooms. One way they were beginning to do this was buy purchasing Ipads for the history classroom.

This was great because our history teacher was able to do so much more with his tests because of the technology and I know our students loved the more interactive tests and examples they were able to learn with on the Ipads. One last example, if you are a college professor you might want to teach your students how to use LinkedIn. This is a great program that allows them to have an online resume for networking and job seeking. I know a class my husband took recently had them make profiles as an assignment and it has really helped him to network as he is graduating in a few months.

Not only is it fun to use technology in the classroom but there are many benefits of it as well. First of all, it allows students to have a more actively engaged role rather than sitting back and being more passive listeners to the lesson material. Kids these days are enthralled by technology so why not use it while you teach to get more kids interested in what you have to say. Like mentioned above, the teacher is now able to walk around the classroom and be more of a facilitator than simply lecturing at the front of the room. This allows a better connection to be made with the teacher and students. Technology can also help to increase a students self esteem which is a very positive benefit of technology in the classroom. Students who are too shy to raise their hand and speak out, can wireless add their comments to the discussion and feel like they are contributing.


Getting a Refresher Course for Your Career

Getting a Refresher Course for Your CareerThe best employees are those that never stop learning. If you want to continue to advance your career, catch up with the latest rules and guidelines, or simply want to refresh your learning consider the self-study courses offered at Here are some of the top reasons why you should continue your education or get a refresher course for your career:

  • Always take time to evaluate your current career position and your goals. When you were in high school or college looking at your future career path, it was important to take time to map out a plan for where you wanted to be in so many years and what you would do to get there. Once employed in you chosen profession it is easy to become complacent or lax in planning. Don’t! Periodically it is important to take the time to evaluate your current career path, your future goals, and determine what you can do to help you achieve those. Continuing education is often the best path to increasing your career opportunities with your current employer or other potential employers.
  • Know your time and availability. Continuing your education is an important investment in yourself and your career path. However, it is vital that you think about what your current commitments are and look at the continuing education opportunities available to you. When possible look for opportunities that allow you to study based on your current schedule, at your own pace, and online or from home. These opportunities offer a much higher success rate and a better return on your investment because you feel capable of completing them. Look for programs that will specifically apply to your career path and make sure those chosen programs offer accreditation that will be accepted in your state for your field.
  • Not only will continuing your education help you to advance in your career, it may be essential to ensuring that you have the skills necessary to keep up with changes in your field. Technology specifically has made many advances in just the past decade that have affected many different fields of work. In order to stay competitive in the marketplace it is vital that you have an understanding of new programs and technology devices that apply to your specific field. Continuing education courses allow for this additional training. You can easily find a variety of courses that are even technology specific in relation to your field.

Dr. Seuss once said “The more you learn, the more you know,” and this statement has never been truer than as it applies to continuing your education. As you continue to learn and refresh your education and abilities in your chosen field you become a more valuable employee, feel more confident in your skills, and are able to accomplish more. Getting a refresher course for your career allows you to learn and study at your own pace while giving more to your employer as you learn.