Five Trade Secrets That Your Career Counselor Doesn’t Know About

Five Trade Secrets That Your Career Counselor Doesn't Know AboutFinding the right job after college can be a challenge. You need advantage you can get in today’s competitive job market where employers can choose from thousands of hopeful applicants. Your career counselor can help you with advice, but they can’t do the work for you to land the job. Make yourself a top contender by following these five secrets that your career counselor may not tell you.

Be Diligent in Your Search

Looking for a job is your job until you’re employed. It’s a full-time effort that will take dedication and diligence on your part. Sending out resumes, making phone calls, and pounding the pavement isn’t really fun, but it’s necessary. Take time each day to check available jobs in local papers and online job sites. Set a realistic number of contacts every day and followup on it. Although the tasks are tedious, the end result can be the job of your dreams.

Be Prepared for an Interview

If you’re diligently looking for a job, don’t be surprised if an employer responds. Make yourself easy to reach by phone or email and respond promptly. An interested employer may want to see you right away to fill the position as soon as possible. Make yourself available for the interview when the employer is available. That could be within a day or two so be prepared to act quickly, and realize that it is worth it to re-arrange your schedule or postpone other activities if it means that you could potentially get a great job.

Be Professional

From the initial phone call or email through the interview, maintain a professional approach to the job. Remember, the employer is probably interviewing multiple candidates for the position, not just you. Be professional, positive and assertive during the interview. Express why you want the job and what you can offer the company in return. Be professional in appearance. If that means a haircut and new clothes, get it done. This is a good rule of thumb no matter what industry you are applying for. According to students who received an OU Masters of Civil Engineering, they were under dressed for their interviews after graduation, because people who work engineering jobs don’t typically wear suits and ties. The company you’re interviewing with may dress casually, but it’s always safest to dress professionally for an interview.

Follow Up

After each interview, follow up with a thank you note to the employer. Thank them for taking the time to see you. Let them know that you are excited about the position and hope to hear from them. Your followup lets the employer know that you’re polite, professional and prepared. If they’re interested, there could be a second or third interview. Stay positive and follow up after each interview expressing your excitement in the job.

Set Realistic Goals

Only you know what you want and need to be happy. Set realistic and attainable goals for yourself Know your budget, living expenses and financial needs. Be realistic with your salary requirements, benefits and work goals. Chances are that your first job won’t be your last, but it can be an important stepping stone in your career path. If you truly want to excel in your field, be willing to start at the bottom and work your way up, while learning from those more experienced than you. Your humility and diligence will pay off in the end, and if you are willing to do the “dirty work,” you will likely excel much more quickly than others.

As mentioned before, your career counselor can give you all the advice in the world, but they won’t be there during your interviews, or your first day on the job. It’s up to you to know what to expect in the real world, as well as to know what is expected of you. Your counselor can get you to the door, but it’s up to you to get through the door.


Funding in the Classroom: Get Your Students What They Need to Succeed

Funding in the Classroom Get Your Students What They Need to Succeed picOne of the best ways for students to learn is through classroom projects. For some teachers, finding the funds to carry out the projects is simple. Yet for others, the funds can seem impossible to come up with. Fortunately, a great way to secure the funds is through donors. So, how do teachers go about securing donors? Let’s take a closer look at some helpful tips.


Post the Project Online

One of the best ways to secure donors is to promote a project online. From parent donors to anonymous givers, there are many people online that are willing to provide the funds a teacher needs to carry out his or her classroom projects. When posting projects online, it is best to do so across a wide range of social media platforms as well as on donor websites.


Provide Detail

When giving funds, donors want to know exactly what their money will be going towards. To give them a full description, a teacher needs to provide a lot of detail when posting a donation request. From telling donors how their funds will go towards high school microscopes to paying for gas to transport students to a nearby museum, it’s important that donors are well aware that their money be well-spent.



The best way to start off a donation project is for the teacher to donate at least $5. This is important because it shows that the teacher believes in the project so much that he or she is willing to put forth funds too.


Ask for $400 or Less

When it comes to donation success, projects tend to get funded if they are $400 or less. Fortunately, there are many classroom projects that can be carried out for under this amount. If your project requires more that this amount, try to break it down into smaller phases under the $400 level.


Advertise on Social Networks

The ultimate social media platform to promote and advertise a classroom project on is Facebook. With over one billion users, there are many people on this site who are willing to donate. You can also ask your students and parents to promote the project on their time-lines as well to increase your reach. It’s also wise to use as many additional social media platforms as you can. This will also increase your exposure and as these platforms are free, there’s really no downside to taking advantage of them.


Promote the Project

Other great ways to secure funds are through other types of promotion. Effective promotional techniques include:


- Word-of-mouth

- Newspaper ads

- Radio ads


It is of the utmost importance that students get the most out of their school experiences. To do this, teachers need to carry out a wide range of classroom projects. During this process, it’s helpful to keep in mind the above mentioned funding tips.


Online vs. On Campus: 5 Steps to Deciding Which Grad School Option is Right for You

College campusTechnology today has made distance learning possible through online colleges. Students now have a choice between attending graduate classes on a traditional campus and using the Internet to earn a degree online. Many online colleges are now available throughout the country. Students should consider several factors when deciding between campus-based or online graduate schools.



The first consideration should be location. It can become very difficult to attend regular classes if the nearest college campus is hours away. Delays on the roads could result in missed tests or classes. Online graduate schools can be accessed directly from the home or from any location with a computer and Internet connection. Online colleges are a good choice for anyone who cannot easily get to a physical campus.


Availability of Classes

It is important to look at whether the specific graduate courses are available through local college campuses. A number of schools have limited graduate programs. This can make it difficult to get degrees in highly specialized or technical fields. The selection of online degrees is much broader. Additionally, most online schools are accessible to students from any state allowing for more choice when it comes to graduate studies.



Scheduling should be a major consideration when choosing between online or campus-based graduate schools. Courses on a campus are given at specific times. This can make it hard to attend graduate courses while working or dealing with other personal responsibilities. Online courses can often be completed whenever it is convenient. This makes it possible to get an MS electrical engineering degree online while working or gaining real-world experience within the industry. Online colleges provide flexibility that campus-based programs cannot.


Independent Learning

Graduate students who enjoy independent study and learning might want to consider online colleges. Not all people learn well in a classroom full of people. A few students could interrupt classes or make learning difficult. Online graduate courses allow for independent study in a controlled environment.


Individual Attention

One final thing to consider before making a decision is the need for individual attention. It is sometimes not possible to get individual attention from instructors in large classroom settings. Online programs often provide each student with individual attention from a professor who can answer questions and make understanding complex concepts easier.


It is important to look at every aspect of a college before deciding on a specific graduate school. This should include the cost of the courses. Online graduate schools are becoming very popular because overhead costs are lower. This can ultimately make earning a graduate degree online less expensive.


New Business: 5 Tips to Ensure Success

Success in a chosen field depends on a number of factors. Personal, professional and educational development are all part of the process in to ensure optimum success.


1. Online Schooling


Online schools provide you the opportunity of getting a degree with a schedule that fits your needs. Choosing the right online school can be a daunting task. The good thing is that you can find a lot of reputable online schools that offer degrees in almost any area of study. The University of Alabama at Birmingham offers an online Master of Science in Management Information Systems. Find more information here about the program. Whether you want to study business, mechanical engineering, nursing, or something else specific, you can find an online school that will fit your needs. Read reviews about what others have said about the school before you make a decision.


2. Discover Your Niche


Once you have the education, you will need to find a job that is appealing to you. Explore your preferences and dislikes through internships and classes. Once you find your niche, you can look for job opportunities that will fit your needs.


3. Interview Drills


The internet provides a wealth of information on potential questions employers might ask of perspective employees. Make a list of some difficult questions and then practice answering those questions with someone you know. This will help you feel comfortable and well prepared for your next job interview.


4. The Resume


What you say about yourself in an interview is as important as what is stated in a resume and carefully crafted cover letter. It is essential the first impression you give to your potential employers. There are resume writing services to assist you to ensure your resume is top notch.


5. Landing The Job


Landing a job in your chosen field is not difficult when you put your best foot forward and present yourself in the best possible light. Know and accentuate your strengths and discuss how your knowledge and experience can benefit the organization. Speak with a conviction and confidence that will show potential employers you are the best fit for the company.


Following these tips will help you achieve personal and professional success. Make sure you enjoy what you do and get as much experience in the field as you can.


5 Tips To Ensure Success


Will Work for… Work! Five Best Jobs for the New College Grad

Will Work for... Work! Five Best Jobs for the New College GradIf you’re graduating from college soon, then you’re probably ready to get out in the real world and put your newly learned skills to use. Before you head out, you need to take a good look at your resume and the opportunities available. In a recovering economy, certain jobs have been replaced while others remain steadily growing. Entering the workforce for the first time outside of college can be nerve racking. Whatever your degree, employers are looking for solid workers with a commitment to teamwork. Do you have what it takes? Consider the following jobs that are perfect for new college graduates.


Every company needs a good marketing department, and no matter what your college degree, you can usually get an entry-level position in a firm’s marketing department if you’re willing to learn. Marketing comes naturally to the current generation because you’re bombarded on a daily basis by ads. Put those skills to use in this lucrative field.

Graphic Design

If you have a creative eye with a knack for technology, then consider pursuing graphic design. Many recent graduates have been pursuing this field for its perks: Graphic designers have more flexibility and get rewarded for thinking outside the box. As a new grad, you should check into graphic design as a viable option.

IT Jobs

With rapidly advancing technology and new software cropping up each year, more and more companies are hiring IT professionals as permanent members of their staff. College graduates can get in on this trend to develop their skills and market themselves in a professional capacity by performing tasks that already come naturally to them.


Sales is the tried-and-true form of entry-level employment, and you might be surprised by the form it can take. You don’t have to use cold calling or door-to-door methods anymore. With ample technology at your fingertips and a college degree under your belt, you can make retail sales jobs worth your time.

Customer Service

If you’re inclined towards helping people, then you have ample career options in the customer service industry. From call centers to company headquarters, businesses can use your love of people and desire to help. Customer service also serves as a great foot in the door for those looking to move up in a bigger business.

Social Media Guru

Do you constantly post status updates? Believe it or not, that skill might come in handy in the future business world. More and more companies now rely on social media to market their business and attract new clients. Use your social media skills to land a great new job.


What is the Application Process for Starting an Online Marketing Degree?

Marketing is an exciting career path that offers a wide array of job prospects – many of which pay decent wages. A marketing degree will prepare you for any number of jobs within the field, depending on your area of interest or specialized field of study. Online degree programs have widened the accessibility of higher education to those who live in rural areas or those who have jobs. An online marketing degree provides a convenient way to pursue a degree that offers exciting job prospects.

Many who are considering this field of study want to understand the application process for an online marketing program. What follows is a general synopsis of how it all works.

Have Realistic Expectations and Target Your Research

There are a ton of different colleges and universities that offer undergraduate and graduate marketing degree programs online and you cannot feasibly apply to all of them. Some of them will be inaccessible either due to admissions requirements or the cost of the program. Don’t waste time researching those. Research ones that you could feasibly meet the admissions standards for, afford and would enjoy. Try to narrow down your list of potential schools to 3-5 and research them.

Apply for Aid

Many online marketing degree programs offer some sort of financial aid. It is advised to apply for the various forms of financial aid and scholarships in advance of actually applying to the institution.

Gather Documentation

Most applications will also require supporting documentation such as transcripts, test scores, essays and even letters of recommendation. Do not put gathering these documents off, you need them in advance.

The deadline for fall admission to most degree programs is January, so you will want to keep that in mind when planning for your application. If you require letters of recommendation, you need to get this process started as soon as possible so as to not rush those who are helping you.

Fill Out Application

Finally, you are ready to fill out the application. Be sure to fully complete the application, include fees and documentation required with the application.

Once you’ve sent your application off, all you can do is wait. There is no set period of time for the admissions decision, but generally you should know if you are accepted or not within a few weeks of submitting your application. This will give you time to choose between schools if you are lucky, or to make plans for pursuing the marketing degree program at the school you’ve chosen.

Author Bio

Susan got her online mba marketing degree last year.  When she is not working or blogging about her love for marketing, she enjoys spending time with her two Golden Retrievers and her husband.


The Importance of Higher Education

With the cost of tuition and the student loan debt troubles hanging over the U.S. economy, many prospective students are now thinking twice about getting the advanced education they aspire for. Students having doubts about getting a professional degree should realize that it is one of the best investments and advancements a person can do for his or her self both financially and personally.

Getting an education is one of the biggest investments in yourself that you can make. While it is true that advanced degrees are some of the largest expenses people face, statistics show that the earning potential is worth it. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) has reported that graduates with a Master’s Degree earn forty eight percent more than high school graduates. Sometimes, advanced degrees can even pay for themselves. According to the Post Secondary Education Opportunity Research Letter (PEORL), each dollar spent on a college education equates to $34.85 more in a lifetime’s income. Bright students should not have to settle for a salary that is less than deserved. Investing in an advanced degree should be approached like an actual investment. It certainly takes money and time in the beginning, but after obtaining a professional degree an excellent return on the investment is most likely to occur.

Continuing education not only brings a significant increase financially but also increases marketability to employers. The more education attained, the more value is presented to employers and the broader the career options. Because of this, those who have a Master’s Degree or higher fare better in an unstable economy. In 2010, the BLS reported that individuals with professional degrees experienced unemployment at only a rate around four percent. It is true that the job market is not doing very well right now, but it is much easier financially for those with advanced degrees than those who do lack one. Those who do not have advanced degrees stay at lower paying trajectories and have less room for growth financially and with advancement in their careers. People with advanced degrees simply have more to offer employers, and when the economy recovers they are going to continue to be in the greatest demand.

Professional degrees not only your enhance you career but your life in general as well. Not only does the college experience warrant new networking opportunities, but it promotes personal growth through friendships and by working together with others. A professionally educated person is encouraged to ask questions and explore new ideas which adds to cognitive and social growth and development. Higher education can also make a person healthier as well. For example, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported that in 2009 the population with the lowest rate of cigarette smoking was the population with the highest level of education.

Author Bio:

Dixie Somers is a popular blogger who enjoys writing and reading classic pieces of literature. She is currently promoting rn to msn online programs for the University of San Francisco.



5 Things you Probably Didn’t Know About a Career in Nursing

career in nursingWhile it’s fairly common knowledge that a nursing career can be personally and financially rewarding, it’s still hard to know exactly what day to day life as a nurse will be like. If you are considering a career in nursing or are currently pursuing a doctorate of nurse practitioner, it’s important to know as much as possible about being a nurse. There are five things that you probably never knew about a career in nursing.

1. Secrets

As a nurse, you will likely be trusted with valuable secrets. Patients might be in a vulnerable place and you are the trusted person caring for them. Just know that part of being a nurse is a trusted secret keeper. Sometimes people just want someone to talk to or someone to simply listen to them.

2. Math and Science

Math and science isn’t just a part of the nursing curriculum. Keep in mind that you are going to have to keep using it throughout your profession as a nurse practitioner. Part of being a nurse means a certain aptitude for operating machines and equipment, and calculating doses of medication. You will be using math and science in your career.

3. Gossip

You will need a thick skin to be able to deal with the office gossip that is prevalent in the nursing field. A career as a nurse practitioner is stressful and this can lead to people being extra cranky and irritated. Expect that gossiping will be commonplace.

4. Dual Roles

It’s crucial as a nurse to be tender, empathetic and soothing to the patients. However, you also have to be tough at the same time as you will have to care for patients that are in ill or in pain. When attending to broken bones or even changing bandages just be aware that both things are important.

5. Coping

Even if you love your career as a nurse, there will be times that you will need to learn how to cope with the stress. You might be tempted to polish off brownies or drink a lot of alcohol, but that isn’t the way to handle it. Instead, it’s best to turn to fitness or healthier coping mechanisms.

Before getting your doctorate of nurse practitioner, explore the duties that you will likely face from day to day and also plan how you will handle them. Nursing can be an extremely rewarding and fulfilling career.

If this still sounds like a career that you are interested, look further into getting your doctorate of nurse practitioner degree.