How to Motivate an Underachiever

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If a child or student in your life is unmotivated they’ll underachieve in most things. Inspiremylife.com offers several ways to motivate an underachiever.

Invite friends over to study. Peers who encourage and can help a student or child stay focused will help motivate a child to keep up and study.

Build off of success. Once your child or student has achieved don’t just reward. Verbally acknowledge what they’ve done and go from there. They’ve achieved it, move on to the next mile stone and keep the ball rolling.

Give face time. Studies have shown that simply spending time and talking with your child or student and giving them that extra attention will motivate them because they’ll feel your pride in them and want to do well.


Earn an MBA, Earn Respect

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Earning an MBA will always earn you a certain degree of respect; but it will earn the greater reward, more money, if it has been attained for the right reason. The analytical skills and advanced understanding of strategy will benefit you in a variety of work environments. No matter the professional field in which you might be employed, the added insight and business/technical knowledge will provide advantageous against the competition when crunch time comes in the form of industry problems outside the strict bounds of your undergrad or graduate studies.

MBA graduates, typically students who have already worked in a professional field for some time, will earn up to fifty per cent more than those who choose to forego this advanced education. If you have the right motivation, the proper background, and /access to the right school, go for it. The rewards in increased prestige, position, and money will make it worthwhile.

Every professional field has upper layers of management where the MBA provides a specific advantage. It is for advancement to these levels that should spur the MBA candidate. It is desirable that you, as a one year MBA candidate, have already embarked on a clearly defined career path. This will enable you, as a student, to focus on those aspects of your studies that most closely relate to your chosen field of employment. Also, your selection of elective course and your networking with fellow students and faculty will be more meaningful. If you are a newly minted professional graduate, entry into studies designed for experienced professional is not likely to be a good fit.

Graduation from a top tier business school, the top half-dozen, is particularly an enhancement for the initial hire. For those who are specifically aiming at a higher position in management, or enhancing a present position, the choice of a good business school, the top twenty or thirty, will be sufficient. This would put an appropriate school within reach of most areas of the country; thus not requiring a disruptive move from your current location to attend a school. It also facilitates the Executive MBA, curricula based on full time weekend attendance, Fridays and Saturdays, several times during the month. There are now online programs to facilitate coursework as well.

If you are planning to remain in the industry in which you are currently working, research the opportunities available to you with the MBA before you invest the time, effort and money required to pursue the degree. There have been an increasing number of candidates for a one year MBA who simply expect to earn more staying within the operational levels of their chosen profession without ascertaining whether or not the degree will benefit them. Advancement to the lower levels of management in many organizations is based primarily on technical skills rather than managerial expertise. An MBA can be a valuable degree and substantially increase your understanding of business, but make sure it will work for your intended career purposes.


Top 7 Majors You’ve Never Heard of

instructional design degree

As the workplace becomes more technologically specialized, colleges are offering degrees to meet the demand. Some of these new degrees sound quite unusual, but completing them can open doors to the careers of the future, or help you to advance in your current career. Many of these programs are offered via traditional classes or via online instruction.

Instructional Design
Since technology is advancing so quickly, workers are constantly in the need of training. An instructional design degree is an important emerging programbecause schools, corporations, the military, and employment agencies are just some of the groups that need proven training materials. An instructional design degree program uses a variety of disciplines to create effective educational/training materials, suitable for a common audience, or for more technical purposes. These professionals explore the use of every human sense for learning,

Nanotechnology is no longer a thing of science fiction, this degree trains scientists who design technology on the scale of molecules. Because of this field, amazing advances have been made in environmental and medical applications.

From cans and bags, to boxes and bottles, students in this program study the best ways to package consumer goods. This means designing and implementing packages which are sturdy, eye catching, cost effective, and environmentally friendly. Packaging is the third largest industry in the United States, so these professionals are in demand.

Decision Making
Business leaders learn to use a variety of input—such as mathematical modeling, data analysis, computer simulations, and artificial intelligence sequences—in order to make sound, quantifiable business decisions.

Natural and Historical Interpretation
If you’ve ever been on a nature trail or to a battlefield, chances are you’ve had an interpreter. This program teaches people to be educators in the realm of nature, and the connections human beings have with it. Some graduates even become professional living historians at historical parks. An instructional design degree could pair well as a double major.

Simply put, this is the study of life in space. While it could refer to alien life, it does actually have a practical purpose here on Earth. Astrobiologists study the effects of space on human beings, such as astronauts. They have an important role to play with space exploration endeavors.

International and Peace Studies
There is no doubt that this is a global world, and in order to compete, businesses must understand and facilitate global understanding. International Studies prepares students for positions that are almost diplomatic in function, and in the case of the political arena, graduates may enter diplomatic service.

These are just a small sampling of the many exciting opportunities available. Sure, you can go for an instructional design degree, or opt for astrobiology, but you never know what surprises you might find in a college catalog. If you ever thought about a career in doing anything, chances are there’s a degree program somewhere.


Thinking About Law School? Now’s the Best Time to Apply

Thinking about law school? Now is the best time to apply and the Law School Experts explain why. They’ve put together this informative graphic about why now is the time to apply if you’ve been thinking about it. Take a look!

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Newest Technological Advances in Crime Investigation

Online Criminal Justice Degree Program

An online criminal justice degree is one that has many benefits for the recipient. In addition to being able to do your schooling online, on your time schedule, you are going to get the latest in the industry, you will learn from the top professionals, and depending on whether you go full or part time, can finish in as little as 18 months.

The bachelor’s degree you will receive teaches you all the latest technologies in the field of criminal justice, behavioral analysis, private security, criminology, and what is done by lab techs in the criminal arena. Basically, through online courses, and in person lab sessions, you are going to learn from the most astute criminal justice professionals, who have had on the field experience, giving you the ins and outs of the profession.

Program objectives -
When earning your online criminal justice degree, there are several focus areas instructors will target. Some of these include:
- Teaching you how to do research on the field, and in the lab setting.
- Teaching you how to interact with other agencies to collect data and information on a case.
- Teaching how to organize and collect data, and properly use this information to help your case; and,
- Teaching you the important focal points of investigations, and dealing with criminals, when you are focusing on a crime scene or investigation.

These objectives are taught through online courses, video courses, and through lab sessions. As a student, you are going to receive instruction from highly trained individuals, and you are going to learn what is required to excel as a criminal justice, and criminal investigator, when working on the field.

Effective teaching -
If you choose an online criminal justice degree seeking program, you are going to find that the teaching methods used, are just as effective as a traditional college classroom setting. Students use video technologies to interact with professors, as well as other students in the course.

This provides interaction in the teaching, as well as the information that is being delivered to students. Some courses will require in person, lab type settings, where students are going to work with criminal justice professionals. From learning to research, to finding the evidence, gathering, collecting, and the entire process that you have to go through, during a criminal investigation.

Whether you are planning on becoming a police officer, or would like to work with a government branch doing research, or working with the court system in some way or form, an online criminal justice degree is the starting point to landing a great job, and learning everything you need to excel as a professional in your chosen field.


Common Employer Violations

Employer Violations, Employment lawyer

There are lots of excellent employers all over the world. These people are caring, sympathetic and strive to make sure their employees work with them as a team, providing any help they can. These employers are not the kind that make common employer violations. Bachus and Schanker attorneys at law break down some common violations.

Not allowing breaks, especially during an 8 hour shift is not only inconsiderate, but it’s illegal as well. Employers are obligated to allow at the very minimum 1/2 hour breaks within an 8 hour shift. While these breaks, often for lunch or dinner, are not usually paid, smaller breaks should be allowed and must be paid. These breaks include time for smoking, taking a personal call, using the restroom, and just getting a few minutes to sit down.

Another common violation is not making sure to pay for at home work or on-call time. If an employee doesn’t push the issue then many times an employer will get away with it.

Other violations include, not putting someone on payroll and instead letting them work for tips only, over working an employee, expecting an employee to come in when they aren’t scheduled or on-call and reprimanding them in some way if they can’t or refuse, doing anything that makes an employee feel uncomfortable such as harassment, and many others.

Unfortunately, there are employers that have no problem not paying workers, or making sure they have the proper safety in place for them at work. Thankfully there are individuals who care, like Bachus and Schanker.


Getting a VA Loan in California


Veterans know more than anyone about sacrifice. That’s why cavaloansonline.com is proud to offer the lowest rates and the best loans to them. If you live in California, are considering a move there, and are a veteran then you have no reason to not check them out. Californians struggle affording homes and veterans aren’t any different. That’s why, they deserve to own a piece of the American dream more so than anyone!


How to Get a Job at Apple

It’s no secret many Americans, recent graduates or not, have been searching high and low for jobs. The businessresearchguide.com does research for hard workers looking for work. Take a look at this amazing info graphic below!

Insider's Guide to Getting a Job at Apple
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Is Nursing Right for you?

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Are you having trouble deciding what your next career move should be? Have you considered nursing? Nursing is one of the most in-demand jobs in the world.

If you like meeting new people, helping others feel comfortable, and enjoy hands-on work then nursing may be right for you. A registered nurse, RN, does many things for the patient. They explain medical conditions to patients, act as a first repsonse for many patients, start and stop IV fluid and medication, help perform diagnostic tests, operate medical machinery, and have a vast knowledge about the human body and the many conditions and ailments that can come along with it.

If any of the above items sound of interest to you then nursing just may be right for you. There’s one more thing. Nurses have great, healthy salaries. The average salary of a nurse starting out is near $57,000, which isn’t bad coming straight out of college.

Find out more about RN to MSN programs. There are many online programs available that are flexible for many schedules and individuals who work. Check them out and get started on your new career today!


Thought of A Career in the Secret Service?

Since 1902 the Secret Service has been protecting the Leader of the free world. That’s over 100 years of dedication! It takes an observant, hard working individual with loyalty to their country to become one of these agents.

Yes, the Secret Service has provided protection for over a century, but did you know that the organization was conducting investigations well before that? These agents are also charged with protecting the financial systems of the United States by conducting many investigations into all kinds of fraud.

Have you ever wanted to work in the criminal justice field but didn’t know where to start? Well, take a look at this interesting info graphic from Tactical Gear and find out if you have what it takes to join the Secret Service.

Are you Secret Service material?