5 Things you Probably Didn’t Know About a Career in Nursing

career in nursingWhile it’s fairly common knowledge that a nursing career can be personally and financially rewarding, it’s still hard to know exactly what day to day life as a nurse will be like. If you are considering a career in nursing or are currently pursuing a doctorate of nurse practitioner, it’s important to know as much as possible about being a nurse. There are five things that you probably never knew about a career in nursing.

1. Secrets

As a nurse, you will likely be trusted with valuable secrets. Patients might be in a vulnerable place and you are the trusted person caring for them. Just know that part of being a nurse is a trusted secret keeper. Sometimes people just want someone to talk to or someone to simply listen to them.

2. Math and Science

Math and science isn’t just a part of the nursing curriculum. Keep in mind that you are going to have to keep using it throughout your profession as a nurse practitioner. Part of being a nurse means a certain aptitude for operating machines and equipment, and calculating doses of medication. You will be using math and science in your career.

3. Gossip

You will need a thick skin to be able to deal with the office gossip that is prevalent in the nursing field. A career as a nurse practitioner is stressful and this can lead to people being extra cranky and irritated. Expect that gossiping will be commonplace.

4. Dual Roles

It’s crucial as a nurse to be tender, empathetic and soothing to the patients. However, you also have to be tough at the same time as you will have to care for patients that are in ill or in pain. When attending to broken bones or even changing bandages just be aware that both things are important.

5. Coping

Even if you love your career as a nurse, there will be times that you will need to learn how to cope with the stress. You might be tempted to polish off brownies or drink a lot of alcohol, but that isn’t the way to handle it. Instead, it’s best to turn to fitness or healthier coping mechanisms.

Before getting your doctorate of nurse practitioner, explore the duties that you will likely face from day to day and also plan how you will handle them. Nursing can be an extremely rewarding and fulfilling career.

If this still sounds like a career that you are interested, look further into getting your doctorate of nurse practitioner degree.

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